11 July, 2008

The Great American (White Trash) Adventure - Day 1

As I may have already told some of you, we're taking a "different" kind of vacation this summer. Often we do an exotic adventure to far off lands. For instance, last year we went to VietNam for 16 days and toured almost the entire length of the country. In prior years, I've been places like Hong Kong, Antigua, France and Portugal. But not this year. This year we decided to have something of a stay-cation.

So right not I'm writing to you from the dining table of a 26 ft. RV! That's Recreational Vehicle for the uninitiated. Yes, we're having a full blown White Trash Holiday!

It all started at 4:15 this morning when the alarm rang, far too soon for my liking. We had done the right thing and packed the day before so that all we had to do was stumble through the shower, throw some clothes on and find our way to the front door where our friends Greg and Terry were waiting to ferry us to the airport.Greg & Terry @ LV Airport

We got to the airport and through security in record time, with no long lines at security. I think this had something to do with the hour of the day, but a lot to do with the fact that American Airlines has started charging you for everything they can think of.

"That'll be $15 for each bag, there will be no meal service but stale cookies and rancid tea will be available for purchase on the plane. You might want to have some cash with you as the flight attendants get a bit touchy if they have to run credit cards... Oh and you'll want to keep in mind that if you use the toilet there will be a surcharge for toilet paper. Enjoy your flight and thank you for chosing American Airlines."

Our flight was on time, leaving and 7:10 and arriving early in Las Vegas, Nevada. A near merical if you know anything about AA. We picked up our bags and made a hasty get away to the Excalibur hotel where we were to meet our shuttle to pick up or RV.

I honestly thought, because of gas prices right now, we might be the only ones on the shuttle, but to my surprise the shuttle was almost full and when we arrived at the rental office, there were literally about a dozen groups waiting to sign in and drive there RV's into the Nevada sunset. It was on the shuttle that I notices something different about everyone else. Somehow we were the odd men out. What was it that was different? Their clothes? No... Their socioeconomic class? No... Their Accents? EUREKA!

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE else that was in the line to rent RV's was NOT AMERICAN! German, yes... Spanish, yes... Even Swedish, but no other Americans. We were the only Americans on the Great American (white trash) Adventure!

I guess the value of the Almighty (or is that all-slight-y) dollar means that not only can families from Europe afford to travel here but the price of Gas here in America is actually still significantly less that what Europeans have been paying for a long time.

So, here I sit, at the dinging table of the RV while Greg drives, Terry navigates and David sleeps. We're on our way to Moab, UT, due to arrive there approximately 10:30 Mountain Time. From there we plan to hit several very impressive state parks while winding our way back to Las Vegas by July 18th.

We'll be getting up early, hiking and taking lots of pictures. So stay tuned for a park by park blog fest!

Doug & David

PS... WIsh us luck! I've already had to troubleshoot the electrical system in the RV to get the Air Conditioner running again! A must in 100°+ weather!

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