28 April, 2014

ORCLAPEX-DFW First Meetup.

Calling all APEX Fanatics in the DFW area, there's a new Meetup for you: ORCLAPEX - DFW. Here's a link to our first event!

Grass Roots Explosion

As Dan McGhan mentioned in his blog here, Oracle APEX meet up groups are popping up all over the world. This is a grass roots effort lead by people who are passionate about APEX and want to share their knowledge and encourage others to do the same.
Each group is independent and may run things a little bit differently to suite the way the local group wants to work, but all the groups will be sharing ideas, experiences and we hope to benefit from things that work in other geographies. Who knows.. Maybe at some point we’ll be able to have a ORCLAPEX-GLOBAL meet up! (KSCOPE anyone?)
As it sits now there are # Meetup groups that have been formed or are in the process of forming. They are:

ORCLAPEX-DFW Meeting Agenda

Our first meeting will be pretty loosely structured so that we can discuss what we want to achieve with the group and how we’d like it structured going forward. However we did want to make sure that we had some real APEX content that might be interesting so here’s the agenda
  • 5:30pm - Come on up for food, drinks, and socializing 
  • 5:45pm - Announcements - We don’t expect much in terms of announcements for our first meeting, but just in case...
  • 6:00pm - Intro to Oracle Application Express 5.0 - We’ll have a look under the covers of APEX 5 and discuss what this means for us as developers 
  • 6:30pm - Lightning Demos and Q&A - Anyone who has something cool to share can get up and spend 5-10 minutes showing us what they’ve done with APEX
  • 7:00pm - All good things must come to an end… 
For convenience sake, and to keep things Central in the DFW area, the meetings will be held (at least initially) in the Enkitec Irving offices at  5605 North MacArthur Blvd, Suite 600, Irving Texas 750803
To join the DFW Meetup Group go sign up and RSVP to the event!
Hope to see all you DFW APEX FANATICS there!

04 February, 2014

You don't have to wait for APEX 5 for FullCalendar Integration

One of the MANY nice things that is coming in APEX 5.0 is the native integration of the jQuery based FullCalendar, known in the APEX 5.0 Builder as the CSS Calendar. While the native integration will be nice, you shouldn't have to wait for APEX 5.0 for this functionality.

Enter the Enkitec FullCalendar plugin. We integrated FullCalendar into our website quite some time ago to enable us to display our Education and Conference calendars. Recently I've taken the basis for that code and created a plug-in that works with APEX 4.1 and 4.2.

The plugin allows the developer to decide the following:

  • The jQuery UI Theme to be used to render the calendar
  • What the header of the Calendar contains and where
    • Navigation
    • Title
    • View
  • Which calendar views, in addition to MONTH, the end user sees (Week and/or Agenda/Day)
  • Whether or not the day is considered an "All-Day" event
  • Styling for each individual event
    • Either event_color and text_color or a CSS Class to be assigned.
  • Tool Tip text to display when an end user hovers over the event in the calendar
  • Hight & Width of the Calendar
  • Which day should be considered the first day of the week

While there are still things I want to do to this plug-in, I thought I’d go ahead and release it so that the APEX community could start using it now.  

Will the plug-in continue to be developed once 5.0 is finally released? I suppose that depends on whether the APEX team implements the same of better functionality than what I’ve managed to do so far. 

In the mean time you can download the plug-in from here:  http://www.enkitec.com/products/plugins/fullcalendar