15 May, 2014

Accenture, Enkitec & APEX - A bright future.

By now you may have heard the news that Enkitec has been acquired by Accenture. And if you’re have anything to do with Engineered systems, you’ll immediately see the synergy that is created by the acquisition. However, if you’re one of Enkitec’s loyal APEX followers, you may be wondering what this means for the APEX practice and it’s customers. Well, there is good news! 

While the original discussions between Enkitec and Accenture were focused around Engineered systems, the folks at Accenture quickly realized that there was a hidden pearl that would definitely sweeten the deal. That hidden pearl was APEX.

Enkitec has some of the best APEX talent in the world, including a number of Oracle ACEs and ACE Directors, all focused on the APEX market space. Many in our APEX team participate on the Oracle APEX Advisory Board, have written (or have participated in writing) many of the APEX books on the market,  and are active in many Oracle and APEX user groups world-wide. Enkitec also have market leading software products (eSERT and eFramework) to help kickstart Oracle APEX projects. 

The team at Accenture didn’t fail to notice this and has begun to engage our APEX practice in discussions on how, together, we can leverage our joint strengths to better serve the APEX market space.

Our customers should see very little change in the initial phases. Over time the changes that do occur will all be for the better. While official plans and messaging are still being formulated, my personal view is that this will open up a whole new level of opportunity for us and a elevated level of service for our customers.

I’m looking forward to helping extend our reach from North America into Europe and beyond. Not only by leveraging existing employees and infrastructure, but by continuing to hire the expert level talent around the world for which Enkitec has become known.  (YES, this does mean we’re hiring!)

More to come! Keep watching!